The Alphabet الحُروف الهجائِيَّة

Some of my students asked me to write some short lesson for FusHa as well as Egyptian Arabic. Actually I am not familiar with using blogs . I am completely new with using blogs. So forgive me if it appears with Egyptian Arabic. And help me if you can (how to use this post under Modern Standard Arabic page) shokran

Now ,I am going to write some short lessons

I am going to start with the Alphabet

Arabic language has 28 letters , they are connected to each other except 6 letters , They can be connected from right side only.

Those letters are ا – د – ذ- ر- ز – و

Arabic language is written from right to left.

Let’s start with the letters ا – ب – ت – ث

Alef is connected only from the right side

Baa can be joined from both sides

Taa is also joined from both sides

Thaa is the same like baa , and taa but with 3 dots

Now , If you want to join ب and ا , it will be با

ب – ا- ب – ا it will be بابا it means dad baba

أ – ب it will be أب it mean a father up

ب – ا – ب it will be باب it means a door baab

now , how can you join the following?

ت – ا – ب

ت – ب – ا

ا – ث- ب

ث – ب – ا – ت

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