Al FusHa الفُصْحى

Modern Standard Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Many Muslims learn it to understand Quran , also my students who are not Muslims study it to be able to read and write . They can use FusHa to talk Arabic anywhere in the Arab world. The problem is that people will not reply in FusHa , they will reply in their own colloquial Arabic although they understand the FusHa.

You should learn MSA to be able to listen to the Arabic news on the television or to read a newspaper .

Actually , It is a very old and difficult language, but as soon as you start to learn , you feel it is a logical language . It works with your brain. It has roots, patterns and forms . It just need time and some efforts .

In this Blog , I will help you with Egyptian Arabic , but I can also help you with Modern Standard Arabic by answering your questions . Just send me your question in a comment and I will answer you.

I highly recommend the flowing site for MSA.

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(click here for learning Modern Standard Arabic)


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