FusHa ( Arabic letters from Alef to Thaa ( أ:ظ)

The Alphabet الحُروف الهجائِيَّة Some of my students asked me to write some short lesson for FusHa as well as Egyptian Arabic. Actually I am not familiar with using blogs . I am completely new with using blogs. So forgive me if it appears with Egyptian Arabic. And help me if you can (how to … Continue reading FusHa ( Arabic letters from Alef to Thaa ( أ:ظ)

Feminine ending (taa marbottah)

The feminine ending( ة) – taa marbota This feminine ending is used with a noun or an adjective to make it feminine It is pronounced as (ah) at the end meaning f m مُؤنَّث Moa’nath مُذَكَّر mozakkar doctor   doktoorah    doktoor  دُكْتورة دُكْتور student   talebah   taleb   طالِبة طَالِب teacher   modarresah    modarres   مُدَرِّسَة مُدَرِّس … Continue reading Feminine ending (taa marbottah)