Nesba Adjective النَّسَب . Nesba adjective is the adjective from the noun . We use it to say the nationality For example : Egypt مَصْر Maser - Eyptian مَصري Masry Palestine فِلسْطين felesteen - felesteny فِلسطيني With nesba adjective , add (yy) to masculine , yyah (for feminine ) and (yeen) with plural Note: **If … Continue reading Nationality

How to say I want

I want (masculine ) ana ayez أنا عايز I want (feminine) ana ayzah أنا عايزة For Examples: If the speaker is a male I want water أنا عايزة مية  ana ayaez mayah I want tea.   أنا عايزة شاي  ana ayaez shaiI want Pepsi. أنا عايزة بيبسي    ana ayaez pepsi  I want a book. أنا عايزة كتاب  … Continue reading How to say I want

How much ? بِكام

How much? bikaam بِكام To ask a question for how much , we simply use بِكام bikaam 1-How much is the book? بِكام الكِتاب؟ bikaam elkitaab? The book is with 10 pounds الكِتاب بعَشَرة جنية elkitaab biashara geneah Bi ب is( with). So بِعشرة جنية biashara geneh means (with 10 pounds) 2-How much is the … Continue reading How much ? بِكام

Numbers up to 10

How to say Arabic numbers Zero صِفر sefr One واحِد wahed Two اتنين etnaen Three تَلاتة talata Four اربَعة arbaa Five خَمْسة khamsah Six سِتَّه sittah Seven سَبَعةَ sabaah Eight تَمانية tamanyah Nine تِسعة tesah Ten عَشَرة Ashara Be careful about the pronunciation of the letter ع . There is no equivalent in English , … Continue reading Numbers up to 10

FusHa ,The Alphabet

The Alphabet الحُروف الهجائِيَّة Some of my students asked me to write some short lesson for FusHa as well as Egyptian Arabic. Actually I am not familiar with using blogs . I am completely new with using blogs. So forgive me if it appears with Egyptian Arabic. Now ,I am going to write some short … Continue reading FusHa ,The Alphabet

Feminine ending (taa marbottah)

The feminine ending( ة) – taa marbota This feminine ending is used with a noun or an adjective to make it feminine It is pronounced as (ah) at the end meaning f m مُؤنَّث Moa’nath مُذَكَّر mozakkar doctor   doktoorah    doktoor  دُكْتورة دُكْتور student   talebah   taleb   طالِبة طَالِب teacher   modarresah    modarres   مُدَرِّسَة مُدَرِّس … Continue reading Feminine ending (taa marbottah)