Ahlan wa sahlan

Welcome (Ahlan wa sahlan)!  My name is Suzan Mohammad Elmaghraby . I am an Arabic teacher for Non native speakers since 2006. I work with many students from all over the world. I teach Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial. While I am teaching the Arabic language I realized that I (as an Arabic Muslim teacher)  should talk about other things connected to the Arabic language. Such as the Arabic culture and misconception of Islam.

I found that we can understand different culture and different people by talking to each other and by giving ourselves the time to understand each other without hate or intolerance.

I love all my students ,most of them are my friends. I love teaching Arabic language and talking about different cultures. So I think using a blog is a good way to reach more friends who like to study the Arabic language.

In this blog , I am going to help to know more about the Egyptian Arabic and Egyptian culture.

As for Modern Standard Arabic, I recommend this link for now


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