How much ? بِكام

How much? bikaam بِكام

To ask a question for how much , we simply use بِكام bikaam

1-How much is the book? بِكام الكِتاب؟ bikaam elkitaab?

The book is with 10 pounds الكِتاب بعَشَرة جنية elkitaab biashara geneah

Bi ب is( with). So بِعشرة جنية biashara geneh means (with 10 pounds)

2-How much is the ticket? بِكام التذْكَرة bikaam ettazkarah?

The ticket is with 5 pounds التذكرة بِخمسة جنية ettazkarah bi khamsah geneah

3-How much is the pen? بِكام القلم bikaam elalam ?

The pen is with 4 pounds القلم بأربَعة جنية elalam biarbaah geneah

4-How much is the Pepsi? بِكام البيبسي bikaam elpepsi ?

The Pepsi is with 6 pounds البيبسي بستَّة جنية elpepsi bisittah geneah

5-How much is the bottle of water ? بِكام ازازة الميَّة bikaam ezazet elmayah

The bottle of water is with 3 pounds ازازة المية بتلاتة جِنيه ezazet elmayah bitalatah geneah

Listen to the numbers again from 0 to 10

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