Where are you from?

Where are you from? انتَ مِنين enta menaen?

Enta (you, singular masculine )

Enti (you, singular feminine)

So , when you ask a male , use (enta) انتَ

And when you ask a female , use (enti ) انتي

*Where are you from? enta menaen ? انتَ مِنين؟

I am from أنا مِن ana men …

Egypt مَصر Maser

Syria سُوريا Sorya

Plasticine فِلسْطين Felasteen

America أمريكا Amrika

England انجلتِرا Engltera

France فَرنْسا Faransa

Italia ايطاليا Italyah

Pakistan باكِستان Pakistan

Sweden السَّويد Essaweed

India الهِند Elhend

Chaina الصَّين Essien

German المانيا Almanyya

Russia روسيا Rosyya

Brazil البرازيل Elbrazeel

Spain اسبانيا Aspanyya

Romania رومانيا Romanyya

Now , you can answer this question?

Where are you from?

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