I am أنا ana

He is هو hwwa

She is هيَّ hayya

You are ( masculine) انتَ enta

You are ( feminine ) انتي enti

You are (plural) انتو entu

They are هُمَّ homma

We are احنا ehna


There is no helping verbs with Arabic language.

There is no (it) , so hwwa and hayya are used for (it)


I am a teacher. انا مُدَرِّس ana modarres

He is a teacher . هو مُدَرِّس hwwa modarres

She is a teacher. هيَّ مُدَرِّسة hayya modarresah

You are a teacher. أنتَ مُدَرِّس enta modarres

You are a teacher (f ). انتي مُدَرِّسة enti modarresa

You are teachers . انتو مُدَرِّسين entu modarreseen

They are teachers . هُمَّ مُدرسين homma modarreseen

We are teacher . احنا مُدَرِّسين ehna modarreseen

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